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What is InspectionBoost?
The InspectionBoost program is offered exclusively by Sewer Optics and The Radon Testing Company. We have an extensive suite of wholesale service offerings to the Home Inspector community including sewer scope and radon testing services. Both sewer scope services and radon testing are available to Home Inspectors at a wholesale rate of $115 each.

How does it work? 

Many inspectors choose not to offer sewer scope services as part of their overall home inspection due to the investment in equipment, additional time spent on an inspection, or simply the "icky" factor. Our team of professionally trained technicians is available to perform this critical component of the inspection for you. Said simply, you're subcontracting this function to us. You maintain control of, and communications with, your client. You in turn are our client and we communicate with you.

               Ordering made easy:        
Quote a sewer scope service or radon test to your customer
The first step to increasing the profitability of your inspections using InspectionBoost services to quote them to your customer. The most successful inspectors we work typically take an assumptive approach as part of their quoting activities. The conversation typically goes something like "I generally recommend having a sewer scope included in the inspection, is that something you'd like to have done?  
Place your order with us
There are several ways to contact us. We've made a light web version of our order entry system available to you, you can even run it on your phone! Simply enter the property address, select an appointment time, type in your name as the client, and tell us what service(s) you'd like to have performed. You can also place an online order through our web site, or even call us if you prefer. Once entered in to our system, you'll receive an order confirmation email and text message.
We'll join you during your inspection
Our sewer scope technician will meet you at the inspection property during the inspection window. Once our technician has completed the service, your report and request for payment is emailed to you. 
It's that easy!

That's it! You've earned the difference between the price you've quoted your customer and the wholesale price we've charged you.

Ready to make more money?
As our way of welcoming you as an InspectionBoost customer, we've sent you an offer for your first sewer scope service on us. To take advantage of this offer, please provide your contact information below. 
Program details. 

The Free Sewer Scope service offer is valid through 12/31/19 to new customers only.

Limit one per new customer.

Some geographical limitations may apply.